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Gopepur Village
Gopepur Village

Obeetee believes low-cost and self-sustaining rural electrification can put in motion an entire socio-economic transformation in the community.
To this end, Obeetee has installed 60 solar streetlights in Gopepur village, along a one-kilometer stretch on the Raipur link road. This has benefitted a substantial number of villagers who live along this road. These solar lights have also positively impacted movement, particularly for women, who travel the stretch on daily basis.
In Phase III of this project, Obeetee will begin installing more solar lights along the link road to help illuminate other densely populated areas along the road.

Obeetee believes clean water and ‎sanitation are not only about hygiene and disease, but about dignity too.
Obeetee engages with and supports some of India’s poorest communities, and Gopepur is one such village adjacent to the factory in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh. 90% of the villagers here do not have toilets. In an effort to help these villagers get access to sanitation facilities, Obeetee has built 125 toilets in Gopepur. These toilets have been assigned to the elderly widows in the village, and to families that belong to the backward classes, in an effort to help those that remain the most marginalized in the Indian society.

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