How To Bid - Bid for Change auction
Participate in the Bid for Change auction and bid for gorgeous hand crafted rugs!
1. Register
To participate in the auction, please register with OBEETEE, here. Registering with OBEETEE is free, and takes two minutes!
2. Bid
Once you have selected a rug for your bid, please enter the bid amount.
After that you will be redirected to a page that describes the usage of proceeds from this auction.
This done, you will navigated to a page to confirm your bid. You can alter your bid here before clicking on the ’Proceed’ button following which you will be navigated to the address page. Here you can submit your address and shipping details. In case they are the same, you can simply check the box ‘Same as Shipping’.
At this stage, you can review your order and shipping address and place your final bid.
Once your bid is confirmed, you will be notified by email. You can also check your status at any time by clicking on the ‘My Bids’ section on the Welcome tab.
3. Payment
When you bid, you don’t have to make payment or key on your payment details. Once the bid closes, the highest bidder is sent an email with a secure payment link. You can also make payment via direct bank transfer. For detailed information on the payment process, please click here . As soon as we receive your payment, we will ship out your rug, and transfer your entire bid amount (minus shipping) to the charity organisation of your choice.

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